15 Instagram profila za fitness motivaciju

Ovi inspirativni Instagram profili natjerat će vas da se pokrenete i učinite nešto dobro za svoje tijelo

Zimi je često vrlo teško prihvatiti zdrave navike i natjerati se na vježbanje. Osim što je hladno, odjeća koju nosimo je slojevita, topla i “debela” pa često ne razmišljamo o našoj figuri kao tijekom ljetnih mjeseci. Međutim, da bismo postigli savršenu liniju, pravo je vrijeme da se pokrenemo.

Ako i vama nedostaje motivacije za vježbanje, pronašli smo 15 Instagram profila koji će vas već danas natjerati da se ustanete s kauča i uskočite u omiljene tenisice za treniranje:

1. Amanda Bisk

2. Hannah Bronfman

3. Caitlin Turner
Hello beautiful people! I’m back. 🤗 Took an unplanned, but very necessary as it turns out, social media sabbatical. 💆🏼‍♀️ I needed a moment to clear my head and reignite my fire to share myself here. 🔥 I actually tried to post a few times over the last 7 days, but couldn’t find the words, so I waited until I had some. 🤷🏼‍♀️ In our constantly scrolling and overstimulated reality, it’s important to me that every one of my posts matters, and that each of my captions offer some level of value to you (this is my hope). 🙏🏻 I figure if I’m going to eat up your time with my posts, I don’t want you to feel after that your time has been wasted. I want to add something to your day, whether that means teaching you something, letting you see you aren’t alone, reminding you how lovable and enough you are, or simply making you feel something. 💗 Sharing for the sake of sharing doesn’t light my fire, but sharing with a purpose does. Sometimes that purpose gets lost, and I need a break to find it again. I found it this morning. 🔥 Of all of my realizations over the last 7 days, perhaps the most beneficial are these 2 nuggets: -Take breaks to stoke and reignite your fire when you need to. Better to show up to your daily life with joy and energy than with dread and fatigue. 🙌🏻 -Ask yourself this question the next time you go to post on IG or any other social media: what is my intention for posting this right now? 🤔 There’s no right or wrong or better or worse answer, but I find it to be a helpful question to build awareness around how and why we are all here together on this platform. 👋🏻 I asked myself that question, and this post is what came out of it. 💗 . Rocking my fave @aloyoga
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4. Kayla Itsines

5. Emily Skye
I did a resistance band workout today. Mia didn’t want to be away from me so I brought her outside with me so she could watch me. It worked out well because I got to give her kisses in between sets! 💋😍 . It’s hard to get a workout in with a newborn who needs their mummy constantly but I fit it in when I can - as long as it’s not taking me away from Mia. . I’m feeling so good being able to exercise lightly! It reminds me why I started living this lifestyle in the first place (about 8.5 years ago). Being healthy and active makes me feel great! It helps with everything in my life - especially being a mother now. 😃 Bring on next week when I start my FIT Program with all the ladies in my FIT community! I’m so pumped! 👊🏼 Who’s joining us? 😃 . ✨ You can trial my FIT program for FREE for 7 days - click the link in my profile or go to: www.emilyskyefit.com ✨ . If there’s something you really want then find a way to get it! - It’s up to YOU! 👍🏼☺️ . . @emilyskye_ig . . . 🏋🏼‍♀️ Workout videos: @emilyskyefitness . . . #5weekspostpartum .
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6. Nude Yoga Girl

7. Base Body Babes

8. Anna Victoria

9. Faya Nilsson

10. Massy Arias
Morning tribe #Ad Rocking my #C9AtTarget low impact sports bra and high waisted leggings combo. My queens, these leggings are amazing. Not only can I put my phone on the side, never worrying about it falling out during any movement, but the light compression on these helps them stay in place at all times. For you ladies who are asking, everything I wear is #C9 from @Target. I’m stoked they are bringing this same style in different colors I can’t wait to show off in the next few weeks. The new outfits for this season are looking so bomb. Can’t wait to show you. You can find these at any target store and online including the new styles with same features. What kind of features would your perfect leggings have? I’d like to hear your feedback and implement them for the next upcoming ones. Let’s hear it... #anewkindofstong #childofGod _____________________________________________________________ Buenos días mis reinas! Aquí mostrándoles el combo de mis piezas básicas favoritas de #c9at Target @target. Estas leggings son lo maximo. No solamente puedo poner mi teléfono en ellas sin preocuparme que se salga el teléfono o mis llaves mientras entreno, pero la banda es alta en la cintura para proteger que no se salga nada fuera de su sitio 😜🤫. Me gustaría saber que detalles son sus favoritos al hablar de leggings. Sus comentarios me ayudarían a diseñar con Target para las próximas colecciones y traerles lo que ustedes necesitan. Así que díganme, soy toda oídos. Estas leggings pueden encontrarlas en la pague a online de Target o en cualquiera de sus tiendas. #hijadecristo
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11. Tracy Anderson
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12. Rachel Brathan

13. Natalie Uhling
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14. Cassey Ho

15. Mary Helen Bowers

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